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[python]Using cx_Oracle module

This is a try out for using cx_Oracle module maintained by Oracle. The version I am trying is version 12.2 Here’s the same code: The above is a test out code, to test on how to connect to the oracle … Continue reading

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[python]Trying out AWS SDK

I got myself a free basic account to do some hands on try outs. It is not necessary to use the AWS SDK to invoke the API. This try out is to write a simple static script to create a … Continue reading

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Database – Normalisation

All the examples will use this simple table for explanation. Attribute is column, and tuple is row. In this table the attributes are from A to F. Functional dependency A is determinant, B is dependant. B is functional dependent on … Continue reading

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[python]Email script

The above code snippet is an email script that is triggered when Tufin fails an automated step. The challenge now is to include a ticket number to the email.

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Database: count number of rows in a table

This is to count the number of rows in a table. Cyrus is the owner and customer is the table.

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Database: Check all tables from a known owner

This is an oracle 12c query to find out all tables that are owned by “cyrus”. select owner,table_name from all_tables where owner=’CYRUS’; the contents in the row is case sensitive, in this example the content in row “owner” is CYRUS … Continue reading

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ICT research method – what is ICT research

What is research Research is a creation of new knowledge. Research outcomes A new and improved product A deeper understanding of a research topic A new or improved model and theory to compliment existing research A new or improved technique … Continue reading

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