[python]Multiprocessing with Netmiko

Network diagram What I want to achieve There are three vIOS routers which I need to configure with some portion of harden configuration derived from Cisco's hardening guide. The configuration portion I chose is static, hence no dynamic information like the post I did last time. The purpose is to record how multiprocessing can be … Continue reading [python]Multiprocessing with Netmiko


[python]Connect to cisco ASA with pyserial

So on previous post I wrote a simple code to test if the serial com port is working, now I extended the code with some function. I create a class for the serial so that more than one object can be created not just for a single Cisco ASA. The below code snippet gave a … Continue reading [python]Connect to cisco ASA with pyserial

[python] Test if console port is working

This is a simple script to test if the com port is working or not. The SerialException will invoke PermissionError if the current com port you try to open with this script is in used. If the SerialException invokes FileNotFoundError then it is highly the com port you requested with the script is not installed, … Continue reading [python] Test if console port is working

Batch script to get system information and software installed

There could be a chance you may want to get the information such as the windows patch level, the software installed and the device model, instead of trying to get screenshot from one page to another page, you can get all these using the batch script below, to run wmic you will need to be … Continue reading Batch script to get system information and software installed

[python] Flask SQLAlchemy insert data

On previous post it was demonstrated that creating database is easier with Flask SQLAlchemy than using SQLAlchemy itself. This post demonstrates how data can be inserted to existing database, and also to check if the tables exist before executing create_all(). create_all() does not re-create table if the table exists, the if statement is to demonstrate … Continue reading [python] Flask SQLAlchemy insert data