[vmware]OVFtool import and export vm

I was doing some test and practice of using ovftool to export and import ovf into a vm host. Import a VM and rename the vm ovftool --noSSLVerify --name="CentosBackup" --datastore=datastore1 --network="VM Network" C:\temp\CentOS\CentOS.ovf vi://root@ --noSSLVerify is to suppress the certificate warning. --datastore is to specify the datastore i want to put the vm. --network is … Continue reading [vmware]OVFtool import and export vm

[python]Understanding the fields of Ether and ARP in Scapy

To find out the fields of Ether There is a ls method which can be used to show the fields of Ether. This ls method is used to find out the fields that i can put in values. This shows there are three fields, to send a broadcast frame, I need to put in ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff … Continue reading [python]Understanding the fields of Ether and ARP in Scapy

[python]Capture live hosts with scapy using threading

This script borrows the code from Python Code by far I felt this code is the best in terms of structure, the author structured blocks of code with explanation, although oddly Pycharm fails to resolve Ether and ARP functions from scapy.all Pycharm also fails to resolve the arguments of SRP method, such as the verbose … Continue reading [python]Capture live hosts with scapy using threading

[python]regex to find mac address

This is my interface mac address To search for the substring from the lines of string i use the search method. This is the pattern pattern = r"([0-9a-fA-F]{2}:){5}[0-9a-fA-F]{2}" And in order to return the substring only use the group() method. If you print the re.search result without using group method you will get the entire … Continue reading [python]regex to find mac address