[python]Dissecting AggregatedResult

I felt it is worth to take some of my sleeping time to document how to dissect AggregatedResult object after a nornir task is executed. napalm_get with getters=["config"] This are my user inputs: example: After nornir task is executed an AggregatedResult object which looks like below: AggregatedResult is a dictionary like object, in this example … Continue reading [python]Dissecting AggregatedResult

[python]Cisco FMC REST API example – GET Server version and add device to Cisco FMC

Introduction The version used for this lab is Cisco FMC 6.4.0, and Cisco FTD used is 6.3.0. To access the Cisco FMC REST API, you need to ensure it is enabled. You can test it by going to https:///api/api-explorer if you can see the swagger like documentation then the REST API is enabled, you can … Continue reading [python]Cisco FMC REST API example – GET Server version and add device to Cisco FMC

HackTheBox – Get the invite code

You have to find the invite code yourself, the link is https://www.hackthebox.eu/invite in order to join the club to learn hacking yourself. The invite code extraction method may change, but this is the current one as of today 25th of Feb 2020. I am using firefox, so on this https://www.hackthebox.eu/invite, click on web developer on … Continue reading HackTheBox – Get the invite code

Hashicorp vault – Enable database secret engine for MariaDB/MySQL

Introduction There is a learning page for turning on database secret engine for postgresql but for my environment it is MariaDB, this post records on how to enable database engine to automatically rotate secrets for MariaDB user. This feature is very similar to CyberArk on password rotation for nix servers and database. For this lab, … Continue reading Hashicorp vault – Enable database secret engine for MariaDB/MySQL

[python]Download videos from youtube with pytube

Introduction I am finding a windows application which can use to download youtube videos like downie, I found out a python module known as pytube3 that can be used for this purpose. Basic usage So for my own purpose I download some videos which I need to listen while exercising, below is the code to … Continue reading [python]Download videos from youtube with pytube