Set up Hashicorp Vault

Introduction I came across this hashcorp vault which is a vault I need for storing network equipment credentials. There is an enterprise version and free version, the free version can be downloaded here. Hashicorp Vault has API for accessing the data stored in the vault, after the hashicorp vault is initialized 5 keys and 1 … Continue reading Set up Hashicorp Vault


[cisco]Cisco Firepower lab setup

For this lab I am using Firepower Threat Defence version 6.3 (FTD) and Firepower Management Center 6.3 (FMC). The FTD is a next generation firewall that does IPS/IDS, URL filtering and traditional firewall, the FTD itself can be managed individually with its own FTD manager, however it can also be managed with FMC. The IPS/IDS … Continue reading [cisco]Cisco Firepower lab setup

[python]Match most of the Cisco ASA access list patterns with regular expression

Regular expression reference Purchase the course by Sujith George The Complete Regular Expressions Course:Beginner to Advanced from Udemy Study this code from git hub, this code gives a good idea on how you should match access-list, from this course I realize the regex module can convert the matched data to dictionary. Read this documentation about … Continue reading [python]Match most of the Cisco ASA access list patterns with regular expression

[python]Keeping encryption key and decrypt the file anytime

This is a follow up from the previous post of this code in The code snippet is a sample to demonstrate encrypting and decrypting the entire dictionary in a file, however there is a problem with this snippet. if the encryption and decryption is done within the same "session" there is no issue, however … Continue reading [python]Keeping encryption key and decrypt the file anytime

[python]Sample encrypting and decrypting the dictionary

I am preparing for a credential in dictionary data type to be used in later projects, the entire credential has to be encrypted including username. First I generate the key for the Fernet cipher, then I get the credential if the creds.enc file is not present. The obtained credential is updated in the credential dictionary. … Continue reading [python]Sample encrypting and decrypting the dictionary