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[python]Sample encrypting and decrypting the dictionary

I am preparing for a credential in dictionary data type to be used in later projects, the entire credential has to be encrypted including username. First I generate the key for the Fernet cipher, then I get the credential if … Continue reading

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[python]Create AWS VPC with boto3

Background This is a follow up on this post back then I was only trying out… However I am beginning to take this seriously… as a hobby… Pre-requisites Setup awscli. The awscli is used to setup a default connection, … Continue reading

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[DATABASE]Auto incremental on primary key

I created a relation ENTRY_TEST, the primary key is entryid which will be auto incremented, when inserting data I do not need to assign ID. I will insert a few values: Let’s check the relation:

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[python]Email alert when Tufin has a failed automated step

This is the enhanced code for sending customized mail when automation step fails in Tufin. When the Tufin triggers, it sends the ticket_info to the input stream. the code has to read from the input stream and parse the xml.

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[python]Email script

The above code snippet is an email script that is triggered when Tufin fails an automated step. The challenge now is to include a ticket number to the email.

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[tufin]adding generic routes

Tufin securetrack is incapable of detecting routes that use policy based routing, a possible solution to include routes of policy based routing is to add generic routes. This can be found in this you need to create a csv file … Continue reading

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System Analysis and Design: Overview

Information system A system to process, collect, store and produce result to fulfil business needs Software/application and information system might be used interchangeably but they are not the same entity. Software is a subset of an information system, an information … Continue reading

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