[python]Netifaces module

Netifaces is a python module maintained by Alastair and opalmer, I have been benefited by this module a lot. It is easy to use and there are a lot of possibilities with this module. Here are some examples of usage and finally there will be a code of automatic mac address changer without user to … Continue reading [python]Netifaces module

[linux]Add normal user to run sudo in centos

So I have installed Centos, I was logged in as a normal user which i created during installation, but my normal user is not added to the sudo, so I need to login as root su -, then I run usermod -aG wheel your_username where your_username has to be replaced with your actual username, there … Continue reading [linux]Add normal user to run sudo in centos

Disable SELinux

There are times when disabling SELinux is required for some webapp to work. You can modify the SELinux from /etc/selinux/config Modifying the config file will make SELinux to be enabled (default), permissive or disabled upon boot up. To temporarily disable SELinux use setenforce 0 command.