python – Generating RSA key pairs with pycryptodome module

Thank you for the creator of pycryptodome module, this module has made RSA key pair easy. This recipe presents a function for generating private and public key pair. from Crypto.PublicKey import RSA # pycryptodome def rsa_key_gen(bits=2048, privatekey_path=RSA_PRIVATE_KEY, pubkey_path=RSA_PUBLIC_KEY): private_key = RSA.generate(bits) with open(privatekey_path, "wb") as privkey_file: privkey_file.write(private_key.export_key()) with open(pubkey_path, "wb") as pubkey_file: pubkey_file.write(private_key.publickey().export_key())

Golang – Writing a command line program with urfave/cli package

The code recipe is modified from this video made by, this recipe does these: Help interface. To find out ipv4 address from fqdn: cli --host ip Resolve FQDN to IPv4 addresses. To find out cname from given host: cli --host cname Get the cname from given host. To find out mx records … Continue reading Golang – Writing a command line program with urfave/cli package

Golang – Find absolute path of a file.

This recipe finds the absolute path of the specified filename, the problem with this code is that it returns the first match and hence only useful if the filename is unique. package main import ( "fmt" "log" "os" "path/filepath" ) var absPath string // global variable to store absolute path of filename. func findFileAbsPath(basepath, filename … Continue reading Golang – Find absolute path of a file.

Golang – Obfuscate password input

This recipe shows how to obfuscate the password when user is typing the password. package p1 import ( "fmt" "log" "os" "" ) func getPassword() string { fmt.Println("\nPassword: ") // // terminal.ReadPassword accepts file descriptor as argument, returns byte slice and error. passwd, e := terminal.ReadPassword(int(os.Stdin.Fd())) if e != nil { log.Fatal(e) } // … Continue reading Golang – Obfuscate password input