[linux]Enumerating subdomain

A server has a dns service and its ip address is, so I use nslookup and change the server to, and find out what is its fqdn. It is revealed that its fqdn is ns1.cronos.htb, so I am guessing the domain name would be cronos.htb too. To find out its sub domains in … Continue reading [linux]Enumerating subdomain

[linux] named pipe

I am learning new things while attempting hackthebox machines, one of the thing I learned about linux is the named pipe. To identify whether the file is a named pipe you can list like this: But if you try to read the content of the /tmp/f the screen will seem like hang... Because this file … Continue reading [linux] named pipe

[Arch Linux]Cannot fit to guest in Vmware workstation

Although Fit Guest Now was enabled after open-vm-tools was installed in Arch Linux, however clicking on Fit Guest Now did not have effect. I tried these steps and worked for me. Enable Accelerate 3D graphics in VM's display settings Install xf86-video-vmware driver sudo pacman -S xf86-video-vmware Ensure vmtoolsd starts, if not do this sudo systemctl … Continue reading [Arch Linux]Cannot fit to guest in Vmware workstation

[CentOS] Tools not included in CentOS 7 minimal

There are a few things not included in the minimal installation of CentOS 7. So here's a record on the things which I need. I have installed Arch, CentOS and Debian Linux, I need to give appreciation to the teams who have compiled the packages and easily download from the repository, because the complexity of … Continue reading [CentOS] Tools not included in CentOS 7 minimal

[Linux]Arch Linux installation until xfce desktop

This is a personal note for me if I need to install Arch Linux on virtual box again. Arch Linux is unlike Linux Mint, it only comes with a shell after installation you will need to install the software you need by using pacman. Grand reference is to use the Arch Wiki. Live CD There … Continue reading [Linux]Arch Linux installation until xfce desktop

[Arch Linux]Could not boot to Arch and stuck in grub shell

I have made the grub configuration with grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg in the arch-chroot environment, after i generated the grub config I exited from the arch-chroot and unmount the /mnt then reboot, Arch could not be booted but instead my console was stucked in grub. this is because I have not downloaded the linux-firmware which includes … Continue reading [Arch Linux]Could not boot to Arch and stuck in grub shell

[FreeBSD]Grey out shutdown and restart button in XFCE

So on my XFCE i cannot click on shutdown or restart, both buttons are greyed out. So I check the information with this command pkg info -D xfce4-session which gives this information. So I created a new rule file known as shutdown.rules and put the following contents inside the file. there is no need to … Continue reading [FreeBSD]Grey out shutdown and restart button in XFCE

[FreeBSD]Installing Dragonfly BSD

Dragonfly is a FreeBSD distribution, the installation wizard is the command line type of menu, I had a feeling of nostalgic, I am a Windows and Linux user on modern Linux desktop distribution especially those forked from Debian or Ubuntu have very intuitive and attractive installation wizard which even tries to dynamically detect the hardware … Continue reading [FreeBSD]Installing Dragonfly BSD