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[linux]rescan the hard drive after your vm got an expanded storage

The Tufin securechange vm got an expanded storage of 1TB more, however I cannot see it immediately with the fdisk -l command. I need to rescan it using echo “1” > /sys/class/block/sda/device/rescan, then do fdisk -l, you will see the … Continue reading

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Installing netstat on Centos 7 minimal installation

I have just installed Centos 7 with the minimal installation options, lots of things which were taken for granted by me were not installed, one of them is netstat. In the repo there is no software package that names as … Continue reading

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Windows Server Update Service: Add WSUS client

I want my Windows 7 to get windows update from my local WSUS server instead of getting updates from the internet. Group policy editor Launch the group policy editor (gpedit.msc) Go to Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Windows Components … Continue reading

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Windows Service update server: An HTTP error occurred

When I first installed the WSUS version 3 SP1 I could not get the server to synchronize with the upstream server, an http error occurred message appear when attempting to synchronize. The fix of this problem is to download an … Continue reading

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OS: Patching the linux kernel with grsecurity patch

I have been wanted to do linux kernel hardening a long time ago. I first heard about grsecurity from my friend William who is a security enthusiast. I have read several guides on how to patch the kernel source code … Continue reading

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Microsoft Server: Installing DNS

I am a network guy, I was not fond of doing system as my interest lies with routing and switching however after several projects I have come to realize doing some system hands-on would be beneficial for my career advancement. … Continue reading

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Disable SELinux

There are times when disabling SELinux is required for some webapp to work. You can modify the SELinux from /etc/selinux/config Modifying the config file will make SELinux to be enabled (default), permissive or disabled upon boot up. To temporarily disable … Continue reading

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