[FreeBSD] Installation and setting up

I first tried the Dragonfly and I felt Dragonfly is not for me, it does not share the same repo as FreeBSD despite it is based on FreeBSD. So I tried the FreeBSD then tried the OpenBSD, and I still like FreeBSD because the installation as compared with OpenBSD is friendlier and more automatic than … Continue reading [FreeBSD] Installation and setting up

[FreeBSD]Grey out shutdown and restart button in XFCE

So on my XFCE i cannot click on shutdown or restart, both buttons are greyed out. So I check the information with this command pkg info -D xfce4-session which gives this information. So I created a new rule file known as shutdown.rules and put the following contents inside the file. there is no need to … Continue reading [FreeBSD]Grey out shutdown and restart button in XFCE

[FreeBSD]Installing Dragonfly BSD

Dragonfly is a FreeBSD distribution, the installation wizard is the command line type of menu, I had a feeling of nostalgic, I am a Windows and Linux user on modern Linux desktop distribution especially those forked from Debian or Ubuntu have very intuitive and attractive installation wizard which even tries to dynamically detect the hardware … Continue reading [FreeBSD]Installing Dragonfly BSD

[python]RSA mathematics learning tool

I wrote this script to teach myself on how to do RSA key generation (public key e and private key d), and how to encrypt and decrypt message mathematically. This tool will also be used as a refresher if I have forgotten how to calculate the RSA mathematics. This learning tool presents how the Euclidean … Continue reading [python]RSA mathematics learning tool

[python]Extended Euclidean Algorithm

I took my exam last night, and I guessed I would fail as I did not know how to calculate extended Euclidean Algorithm required for RSA. I came across this video, which explained eGCD really well, better than the slides I had and the tutor's explanation, the substitution method explained by my tutor was confusing. … Continue reading [python]Extended Euclidean Algorithm