Setting up IDS4215 on GNS3

The setting up credit goes to this forum link.

Boot into single user mode

Choose the 1st boot option “Cisco IPS”, then press “e” from your keyboard to enter edit mode.

Choose the second statement as shown in the screenshot, and look for the word “init=loadrc”

Change the runlevel to 1. runlevel 1 is the single user mode which login authentication is bypassed.

Load the script and do modification

The loadrc script is located at root directory, you will be in root directory after you have successfully boot to single user mode.

Step 1: Type /loadrc
Step 2: Type /etc/init.d/rc.init
Step 3: Go to /etc/init.d directory, and back up ids_functions script by typing cp ids_functions ids_functions.orig
Step 4: Edit the ids_function script file using vi editor.
Step 5: Search for the key word $IDS4215 in vi /$IDS4215 vi will jump to the location that look like this:

Change the elif as shown in the screenshot, which is 1 -eq 1. change DEFAULT_MGT_OS and DEFAULT_MGT_CIDS to ge0_0 and GigabitEthernet0/0 respectively. Originally it was me0_0 and management0/0

If the DEFAULT_MGT_OS and DEFAULT_MGT_CIDS are not changed to other interfaces and leave it default to me0_0 and management0/0 you will not be able to access the management from Qemu even with correct login credential.

Step 6: Go to /usr/cids/idsRoot/etc/ directory, backup the interface.conf file cp interface.conf interface.conf.orig
Step 7: Edit the interface.conf file with vi editor. Assign the /models/IDS-4215/interfaces from 1 to 6 name-template to GigabitEthernet0/0 to GigabitEthernet0/5.

After reboot you should be able to login with the correct login credential.


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