Setting up IDS4215 on GNS3

The setting up credit goes to this forum link. Boot into single user mode Load the script and do modification The loadrc script is located at root directory, you will be in root directory after you have successfully boot to single user mode. Step 1: Type /loadrc Step 2: Type /etc/init.d/rc.init Step 3: Go to … Continue reading Setting up IDS4215 on GNS3


Compiling and patching qemu in Fedora14

Reference material: There's a slight change in the dependency files. Anyway here's what I did: wget tar xvzf qemu-0.11.0.tar.gz This statement means to extract verbosely with gzip on filename qemu-0.11.0.tar.gz. cd qemu-0.11.0 wget patch -pl -i qemu-0.11.0-olive.patch This means to patch the file and ignore white space and numbers. You will need … Continue reading Compiling and patching qemu in Fedora14