Cisco Systems: Cisco IPS setup

The initial setup for Cisco IPS4360.
Run the command setup to get started.

sensor# setup

    --- Basic Setup ---

    --- System Configuration Dialog ---

At any point you may enter a question mark '?' for help.
User ctrl-c to abort configuration dialog at any prompt.
Default settings are in square brackets '[]'.

Current time: Sat Jan 19 05:28:19 2013

Setup Configuration last modified: Sat Jan 19 04:30:07 2013

Enter host name[sensor]: IPS-1
Enter IP interface[,]:,
Modify current access list?[no]: yes
Current access list entries:
  No entries
Use DNS server for Global Correlation?[no]:
Use HTTP proxy server for Global Correlation?[no]:
Modify system clock settings?[no]: yes
  Modify summer time settings?[no]:
  Modify system timezone?[no]: yes
    Timezone[UTC]: SGT
    UTC Offset[0]: 8
  Use NTP?[no]:
*05:29:08 UTC Sat Jan 19 2013
Modify system date and time?[no]: yes
  Local Date as YYYY-MM-DD[2013-01-19]: 2013-01-19
  Local Time as HH:MM:SS[]: 21:30:00
Participation in the SensorBase Network allows Cisco to
collect aggregated statistics about traffic sent to your IPS.
SensorBase Network Participation level?[off]:

The following configuration was entered.

service host
host-name IPS-1
telnet-option disabled
ftp-timeout 300
no login-banner-text
dns-primary-server disabled
dns-secondary-server disabled
dns-tertiary-server disabled
http-proxy no-proxy
offset 8
standard-time-zone-name SGT
summertime-option disabled
ntp-option disabled
service global-correlation
network-participation off

[0] Go to the command prompt without saving this config.
[1] Return to setup without saving this config.
[2] Save this configuration and exit setup.
[3] Continue to Advanced setup.

Enter your selection[3]: 2
Warning: DNS or HTTP proxy is required for global correlation inspection and rep                                                                                utation filtering, but no DNS or proxy servers are defined.
Warning: Reboot is required before the configuration change will take effect

--- Configuration Saved ---

Complete the advanced setup using CLI or IDM.
To use IDM,point your web browser at https://<sensor-ip-address>.

Warning: The node must be rebooted for the changes to go into effect.
Continue with reboot? [yes]:

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