PyForms dependencies

While I was looking for a GUI programming in python I came across PyForms, the scripting with PyForms seemed easy so I install it using pip.

When I was testing a simple code from PyForms, my Python interpreter told me that no module pysettings was found… So I attempted to install from my pycharm repository, pysettings could not install…

Ok.. So I downloaded Git for Windows, and make a PATH in the environment variable, then do this pip install git+ and pip install git+

So i thought all was settled and attempt to run the script again, python said no module loggingbootstrap...i could not find this module, so i commented the line. Here's the import in pyforms

import logging
#import loggingbootstrap
from pysettings import conf

I commented the second line. So i tried running the script again, it says no module for PyQT5... WTF!... Ok so here are the dependencies to use pyforms:

1. pysettings (because pyforms is using conf from this module)
2. pyqt5
3. numpy
4. matplotlib
5. visvis
6. cv2

Ok installing cv2 needs dependencies... read this blog: Install OpenCV 3 with Python 3 on Windows

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