Copy multiple files to Cisco flash using IOS command

I found that copy files one by one from tftp server to Cisco router flash is extremely annoying and inefficient. So what I did is to group the files I want to copy to Cisco router flash in tar format with 7zip, then use the copy command in cisco IOS.

Router#copy tftp:// flash:
Destination filename [IOS.tar]?
Accessing tftp://
Loading IOS.tar from (via FastEthernet0/1): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[OK - 6503936 bytes]

6503936 bytes copied in 29.388 secs (221313 bytes/sec)
Router#archive tar /xtract IOS.tar flash:
extracting 128MB.sdf (504643 bytes)
extracting common.tar (820224 bytes)
extracting es.tar (763392 bytes)
extracting home.shtml (1038 bytes)
extracting home.tar (113152 bytes)
extracting ips.tar (1208320 bytes)
extracting sdm.tar (3085312 bytes)
extracting sdmconfig-2811.cfg (1648 bytes)
Router#delete flash:IOS.tar
Delete filename [IOS.tar]?
Delete flash:IOS.tar? [confirm]
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