Wireshark for Linux: No interface is listed.

You are using Debian, you installed wireshark, launched it and found that there was no interface (under interface list) for wireshark to capture; you checked /etc/group and did not find a group known as wireshark, then it is most likely libpcap-dev not installed. sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev sudo dpkg-reconfigure wireshark-common. A ncurse screen appears asking … Continue reading Wireshark for Linux: No interface is listed.

Wireshark (/usr/bin/dumpcap permission denied)

The error "/usr/bin/dumpcap permission denied" appeared when executing wireshark as a normal user. Using package manager to install wireshark may encounter this problem. This is solved by adding normal user into group wireshark: gpasswd -a cyrus wireshark Check to see if you are in the group wireshark: cat /etc/group |grep wireshark Once ensure your username … Continue reading Wireshark (/usr/bin/dumpcap permission denied)