[tufin]adding generic routes

Tufin securetrack is incapable of detecting routes that use policy based routing, a possible solution to include routes of policy based routing is to add generic routes. This can be found in this https://forum.tufin.com/support/kc/latest/index.htm?toc.htm?10626.htm you need to create a csv file in tufin ST, then use the <code>/usr/local/st/topology_generic_routes -m 5 -i your_file_in.csv</code> update the topology with … Continue reading [tufin]adding generic routes


[python]Sending access request to Tufin SecureChange

Required improvements/Bugs IP address checking required, situation such as this Dynamically update the action field, right now all request is assumed Accept. Dynamically update comment field on each access request, right now the script does not check comment Optimize the code by writing methods, there are codes inside which are repetitive hence causing the … Continue reading [python]Sending access request to Tufin SecureChange

[Tufin]How to send access request using REST API

The structure of the XML is not properly explained in SWAGGER, swagger is a build in helper to browse the API calls within Tufin SecureChange itself. The example presented under Post Ticket is not very practical, the entire form is static, on this post i am sharing the structure required for you to post a … Continue reading [Tufin]How to send access request using REST API

[Tufin]Error:Unable to get configuration

Tufin securetrack is monitoring the device groups from Panorama, in the dashboard you saw the status is device connected, however when you go to Settings > administration > status, the device group is amber and the status is Error:Unable to get configuration. Usually is because the Palo Alto Firewall is disconnected from Panorama. Login to … Continue reading [Tufin]Error:Unable to get configuration