[python]Detect changes in configuration of ASA

Three python scripts were written for doing specific tasks. conn_asa.py - this script is responsible for generating two outputs hostname and md_now (md is short for message digest) statechange.py - this script writes the hash generated from conn_asa.py into database. compare_change.py - this script compares the hash stored in db with the current hash generated … Continue reading [python]Detect changes in configuration of ASA


[python]SQLAlchemy for select and insert objects into sqlite db.

SQLAlchemy is a python module that makes database operation easier for python scripters, the SQLAlchemy simplies the operation by replacing the SQL syntax with objects. So here's the SQL query for creating a table: This is the SQLAlchemy way of doing database. In SQLAlchemy there is no need to write SQL syntax, SQLAlchemy does it … Continue reading [python]SQLAlchemy for select and insert objects into sqlite db.

[python]Simple web application for storing contacts

Introduction This is a practice mini project for me to get hold of API, sqlite3 and regex. The objective is to capture contact information and store into a sqlite3 database file - contacts.db. This is not a full fledged web application for storing contacts however can be used as a based for additional features. Information … Continue reading [python]Simple web application for storing contacts

Compiling reaver-wps: error: pcap library not found!

reaver-wps¬†is the program that cracks wps. I encountered problem while running the configure script for the source code on KDE Linux Mint 12: checking for gcc... gcc checking whether the C compiler works... yes checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out checking for suffix of executables... checking whether we are cross compiling... no … Continue reading Compiling reaver-wps: error: pcap library not found!