Cisco ASA: Firewall rule testing before deployment

Introduction You want to segregate the network between users and servers network. Both the users and servers network is using the same subnet, to reduce the changes while implementing firewall and to test the firewall before it is deployed in between users and servers you have decided to do the following: 1. Use transparent … Continue reading Cisco ASA: Firewall rule testing before deployment

SPAN and VSPAN demonstration

VSPAN monitor session 1 source vlan 1 rx monitor session 1 destination interface Fa0/22 Cat3550 has its limitation of only monitoring traffic received by Vlan. The destination port is at fa0/22. I connected my pc to fa0/22 and turned on wireshark, meanwhile my pc at fa0/21 is pinging to Vlan 1 ip address From … Continue reading SPAN and VSPAN demonstration


2950-1(config)#monitor session 1 source interface fa0/9 - 24 both 2950-1(config)#monitor session 1 destination interface fa0/8 Wow... WS-2950-24-TS can really monitor so many ports on both directions? My WS-3550-24TS cannot do this... it can only allow one physical to be monitored on both direction....