[python]Paramiko’s SSHClient

Paramiko SSH client I wrote a sub class from paramiko in order add on functionality to assist myself to work with Ansible AWX 9.2.0 (dockerless version). The subclass works with my CentOS which hosts the Ansible AWX, the purpose is to use the SSHClient class to download and upload playbooks, check the existence of project … Continue reading [python]Paramiko’s SSHClient

Configuring Jailed SFTP

By default if you do service ssh start you can access the Linux system remotely using sftp or ssh. Supposed you want to restrict non-root users to /home/sftp through sftp you can do the following: First you can check if there is a group for sftp: cat /etc/group |grep sftp  If nothing is shown then … Continue reading Configuring Jailed SFTP