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[python]To find out difference between two list

Use case You have an actual name list you need to deploy software to through automated tool such as KACE by Quest software. You received a report no the number of people actually received the software and you need to … Continue reading

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[python]Remove duplicates from a list

I have learned something interesting… removing duplicates in a list is actually quite easily achieved without using iteration… The output is self explanatory, you use set if you do not bother about the order, you use Ordereddict if you need … Continue reading

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Social Engineering Toolkit and Metasploit: Web cloning attack and uploading a backdoor

Creating a persistent backdoor Afterword Modern antivirus program is capable of detecting such backdoor and even prevent the download of the encoded payload into victim’s machine; payload encoded by shikata ganai 4 times is not enough to evade most of … Continue reading

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