[python]Download geckodriver for windows

I am writing a python script that uses requests module to download the latest release of geckodriver.exe for windows 64-bit, I added a few functions to make the download slightly more dynamic by identifying the OS type and the system architecture, and after downloaded unzip the package into the defined path I specified. The current … Continue reading [python]Download geckodriver for windows


[selenium] Solution to HTML5 drag and drop with python

Selenium is a great web app automation tool which have several variants, I am using python to implement selenium on this https://the-internet.herokuapp.com/drag_and_drop, Selenium has an ActionChain that can do drag and drop, but this is not working in HTML5, the solution in another language (perhaps is ruby?) can be found here. I have converted the … Continue reading [selenium] Solution to HTML5 drag and drop with python

[python] Adding extension to geckodriver with selenium

Webdriver I am using firefox hence I am downloading geckodriver to work with selenium. To set up the webdriver in the code do this: from selenium import webdriver driver_path = r"E:\webdriver\firefox\geckodriver.exe" driver = webdriver.Firefox(executable_path=driver_path) Install extension To install an extension to the webdriver for each instance do this: buster = r"E:\webdriver\firefox\buster_captcha_solver_for_humans-1.0.1-an+fx.xpi" driver.install_addon(buster, temporary=True) On every … Continue reading [python] Adding extension to geckodriver with selenium