Cisco IE3000: Resilient Redundancy Protocol

IE3000 is a din-rail mount switch with eight fast ethernet copper ports and two gigabit ethernet combo ports. People who worked for datacentre, enterprise, and ISP might not have seen or used this kind of switch before. The IE3000 is designed for used in Industrial network, most of the control systems like PLCs are mounted … Continue reading Cisco IE3000: Resilient Redundancy Protocol

Switch: Resilient Ethernet Protocol simple configuration

One ring as shown in the diagram is considered a segment in Resilient Ethernet Protocol terms. REP segment characteristics: 1.       Within an operational segment there will be one blocked port for each vlan. 2.       If vlan load-balancing is configured, two ports in the segment control the blocked state of the vlan. 3.       If one or … Continue reading Switch: Resilient Ethernet Protocol simple configuration