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Solving routing loop problem due to poorly configured redistribution

The diagram Routing loop when vIOS2 (R2) is trying to reach in vIOS1 (R1) R2#traceroute numeric Type escape sequence to abort. Tracing the route to VRF info: (vrf in name/id, vrf out name/id) 1 4 msec 4 … Continue reading

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BGP: Injecting IGP route into BGP without redistribution

The diagram is complicated with an additional link, and instead of full BGP route in AS65000, the BGP route is propagated with the help of OSPF. In previous lab, the BGP full mesh was established by peering both subnets of … Continue reading

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OSPF: Special area types

Area types planning Area 0 is backbone area. Reason: Backbone area being also the transit area should contain all LSA types. Area 1 and Area 2 are stub OSPF areas. Reason: There’s only one ASBR, and only 2651-2 has connection … Continue reading

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Redistribution: Prefix-list and distribution-list

R1(config)#router ospf 1 R1(config-router)#redistribute eigrp 100 R3#sh ip route ospf O E2 [110/20] via, 00:00:04, Serial0/1 When R1 redistributed EIGRP route into OSPF area 0, default metric and default classful summarization was used. Look at the routing table … Continue reading

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