Security: Physical interface redundancy

Suppose there's a physical cable from your pix/asa to a switchport at a vlan fails, you cannot afford down time due to link failure. You can consider using interface redundancy. Firewall interface redundancy can include up to 8 physical interfaces. Physical interfaces that are member of redundant link will have all its security parameters wiped … Continue reading Security: Physical interface redundancy


PIX8.0: 10 steps startup process using ASDM 6.1

First of all connect a cross over cable from pix routed port to your NIC. Follow these steps: pix-2(config-if)# int e4 pix-2(config-if)# nameif inside INFO: Security level for "inside" set to 100 by default. pix-2(config-if)# pix-2(config)# http server enable pix-2(config)# http inside pix-2(config)# username cisco password cisco privilege 15 ASDM is a GUI … Continue reading PIX8.0: 10 steps startup process using ASDM 6.1