[python]Show version with Ansible

Introduction These python scripts do the following: init_vault.py, initialized the vault and create an encryption key. The initialization creates 5 keys and 1 root token for unsealing and login the vault respectively. get_vault_resuly.py, this script gets the keys and token to unseal and login the vault. vault_mgmt.py, this script gets the key and value pair … Continue reading [python]Show version with Ansible

[python]Intrusive python: Reacting with interactive prompt with pexpect

Ok, I am reading some stuffs about brute forcing ssh server. So here is a python module that deals with possible interactive prompts. The target server is a cisco router, I have put in all possible expected prompts.Such as: 1. if there is a timeout? 2. if there is an unknown ssh key prompting you … Continue reading [python]Intrusive python: Reacting with interactive prompt with pexpect