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[python]Working with Palo Alto firewall API with pan-python module

This is another demonstration on the use of pan-python module. The usage documentation can be found in github. This is a simple demonstration on using the pan.xapi module from pan-python. Only changes the device configuration time settings. The demo uses … Continue reading

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Palo Alto Networks: Virtual wire pair

Virtual Wire This is exactly the same technique used by intrusion detection system, but instead of IPS this is applied to Palo Alto firewall. This technique is also known as bump wire where a pair of physical interfaces is paired … Continue reading

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Palo Alto Networks: Maintenance Mode

To enter maintenance mode, you need to restart your system with request restart system in operational mode or look out for bootloader message that looks like below: Type maint after 5 seconds the grub bootloader will appear: Choose the first … Continue reading

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Palo Alto Networks: Familiarize with PAN cli

The management interface settings are under the system hierarchy. Show system To find out which management services have been enabled: To show system information such as PANOS version, management IP address/netmask/gateway, device model, device serial number, mac address of the … Continue reading

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Palo Alto Networks: Console terminal got overlapping output

When I first trying to test Palo Alto Networks firewall through its console interface I encountered an annoying problem, that is I got overlapping and confusing outputs when I issued commands. The default terminal type used by Palo Alto Networks … Continue reading

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