[Linux]Arch Linux installation until xfce desktop

This is a personal note for me if I need to install Arch Linux on virtual box again. Arch Linux is unlike Linux Mint, it only comes with a shell after installation you will need to install the software you need by using pacman. Grand reference is to use the Arch Wiki. Live CD There … Continue reading [Linux]Arch Linux installation until xfce desktop


Arch Linux: Installing packages from AUR (Installing google chrome)

I have the choice of installing packages from Arch Linux User Community Repository. Here is the summary of what I have done: 1. Pick a package from AUR, then download the tar package. 2. The tar contains PKGBUILD, untar it and a build directory is created. 3. Go to the build directory, and run makepkg … Continue reading Arch Linux: Installing packages from AUR (Installing google chrome)

Arch Linux: Pacman package manager

Only core.db is installed in the hard disk, extra.db and community.db have to be downloaded. To download these database, I will need to use Pacman to synchronize the database: pacman uses the mirrorlist located in /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist file. Synchronizing repository database pacman -Sy Synchronizing and upgrade the system pacman -Syu Arch Linux advised to upgrade pacman … Continue reading Arch Linux: Pacman package manager