[python]Dissecting AggregatedResult

I felt it is worth to take some of my sleeping time to document how to dissect AggregatedResult object after a nornir task is executed. napalm_get with getters=["config"] This are my user inputs: example: After nornir task is executed an AggregatedResult object which looks like below: AggregatedResult is a dictionary like object, in this example … Continue reading [python]Dissecting AggregatedResult

[python]First use of Napalm

I have a few Cisco routers which are on IOS, I have never used NAPALM before, I use netmiko most often for cisco devices, Napalm itself is based on netmiko, I napalm has a get_facts method that gather the information of cisco ios router, this is very convenient as compared with netmiko, netmiko is more … Continue reading [python]First use of Napalm