MPLS traceroute and MPLS propagation TTL

All serial links among the m1,m2 and m3 routers have the same bandwidth, I need mpls trace to test if the mpls is operational as configured. Suppose I want to use loopback reachability to test, I am using m1 loopback and traceroute to m3 loopback. Notice there is no label. This is because the out … Continue reading MPLS traceroute and MPLS propagation TTL

MPLS label

CCIE routing and switching exam certification guide 4th edition, page 831, chapter 19, figure 19-8 has a wrong label on PE2 LSR, the locally assigned label for prefix should be 3 instead of 4. Although this figure is a concept figure aim to let readers to understand the mpls label switching concepts, it should … Continue reading MPLS label