[python]Sample encrypting and decrypting the dictionary

I am preparing for a credential in dictionary data type to be used in later projects, the entire credential has to be encrypted including username. First I generate the key for the Fernet cipher, then I get the credential if the creds.enc file is not present. The obtained credential is updated in the credential dictionary. … Continue reading [python]Sample encrypting and decrypting the dictionary


[python]creating pool without F5 sdk

This is a sample code to create a pool, I will add on option to add members on later post. This code is a function of the greater project i am planning as a personal hobby. This is the result when testing the function: Enter pool name: pool-MarvelHeroes Choose load balancing method 1 round-robin 2 … Continue reading [python]creating pool without F5 sdk

[python]Listing items with iControl API without using F5 SDK

After I have discovered that F5 SDK could not do certain things, I have decided to learn how to call the REST APIs using request and parse the json response. The first step i am learning is to use GET after that I will use POST using the json.dumps method. This code is part of … Continue reading [python]Listing items with iControl API without using F5 SDK