CUCM: Redundancy (Call processing failover)

Introduction The result of the Cisco IP phones failover to secondary or tertiary CUCM server is instantaneous in the point of view of enduser, if everything was configured correctly. The test was done with 13 registered devices, of course as the number of registered devices increase the recovery time may vary. Only SCCP and MGCP … Continue reading CUCM: Redundancy (Call processing failover)

CUCM: Hotline or Hotdial (Not using none partition)

Previously I have written a post about hotline configuration but that configuration example uses none partition which Cisco does not recommend. So here I shall re-do the post in creating a hotline configuration example by not using none partition for my telephones. Create partition From CUCM, Call Routing > Class of Control > Partition Create … Continue reading CUCM: Hotline or Hotdial (Not using none partition)

CUCM: Speed dial

Press a number from the keypad and call the extension/directory number. From CUCM, Device > Phone, Click "Add a new SD" under Association Information. From the phone, press the number and press Speedial softkey to ring the configured directory number.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Installation

Platform: Cisco UCS C210 M2, 48GB RAM, 10x 300GB SAS HDD. Slot 1 and 2 are RAID1, SLOT3-10 are RAID5. Software: Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Unity Connection/BE/SME Installing the software is not a direct insert DVD into the server process. The actual process is a pain in the neck. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager DVD … Continue reading Cisco Unified Communications Manager Installation