Introduction This is rated a medium difficulty machine, I encountered a lot of twists and turns, the items found do not give me direct answers, but are required to reveal the answers that is user.txt and root.txt. Very interesting machine which requires the knowledge of manual ldap enumeration with ldapsearch to gain initial foothold, then … Continue reading [hackthebox]Cascade


misDIRection is a miscellaneous challenge in hackthebox, the zipped file contains a hidden folder with many subdirectories, and not every subdirectories have a file, the filenames are all unique numbers and a total of 36 of them, there are no contents within the files. This is a clueless challenge to be honest..., I depended on … Continue reading [hackthebox]misDIRection

HackTheBox – Get the invite code

You have to find the invite code yourself, the link is https://www.hackthebox.eu/invite in order to join the club to learn hacking yourself. The invite code extraction method may change, but this is the current one as of today 25th of Feb 2020. I am using firefox, so on this https://www.hackthebox.eu/invite, click on web developer on … Continue reading HackTheBox – Get the invite code