[python]Deploy flask api with gunicorn and nginx

NGINX is a load balancer and a reverse proxy, the purpose is to interface between user and WSGI server. Web server cannot directly interact with Flask like php, to use the Flask web application a WSGI server is required, in this case Gunicorn is a WSGI server. Gunicorn will run the python flask application and … Continue reading [python]Deploy flask api with gunicorn and nginx


[python]404 not found after flask_restful deployed with gunicorn

Ok, I have been struggling to get the gunicorn worked with the flask_restful. So finally I found my answer here. after the if __name__ == "__main__" only run the app.run(). so I did some adjustment of my codes to become like this. Then I run gunicorn -b app:app and it worked. app:app, the app … Continue reading [python]404 not found after flask_restful deployed with gunicorn

[python]Simple web application for storing contacts

Introduction This is a practice mini project for me to get hold of API, sqlite3 and regex. The objective is to capture contact information and store into a sqlite3 database file - contacts.db. This is not a full fledged web application for storing contacts however can be used as a based for additional features. Information … Continue reading [python]Simple web application for storing contacts