bootstrap4 with flask

I got a few problems of ´╗┐GET /js/bootstrap.bundle.min.js HTTP/1.1" 404, the same goes for the bootstrap.min.css file which I referred to in my basic.html. The reason is due to the css and js folders are not stored in the static directory, Flask looks for the css and js from the static folder. the bootstrap4 files … Continue reading bootstrap4 with flask


[python]Deploy flask api with gunicorn and nginx

NGINX is a load balancer and a reverse proxy, the purpose is to interface between user and WSGI server. Web server cannot directly interact with Flask like php, to use the Flask web application a WSGI server is required, in this case Gunicorn is a WSGI server. Gunicorn will run the python flask application and … Continue reading [python]Deploy flask api with gunicorn and nginx

[python]Simple web application for storing contacts

Introduction This is a practice mini project for me to get hold of API, sqlite3 and regex. The objective is to capture contact information and store into a sqlite3 database file - contacts.db. This is not a full fledged web application for storing contacts however can be used as a based for additional features. Information … Continue reading [python]Simple web application for storing contacts