[security] File upload

The lab uses metasploitable. This lab gives awareness of file upload vulnerability, there are three levels of security - low, medium and high, the objective is to try to upload a forward shell code then connect to it to gain the server access. Low security This is the php code of low security file upload: … Continue reading [security] File upload

Test for sql injection

Target = DVWA version 1.0.7 nmap the target The -sS is to use TCP syn, -sV is to find out the version of the service, -Pn is to disable ping to save time, -v(or multiple vs) is for verbose output. From the nmap we know that the dbms is mysql. SQLmap Manual injection The strange … Continue reading Test for sql injection

Web Application Pentesting: Manual SQL injection

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SQL_injection In a nutshell SQL injection allows unauthorized people to use SQL syntax to query the web server database backend, it is called injection because the SQL syntax is inserted into web application variables. The purpose for this post is to raise awareness of what is SQL injection and how serious it is if … Continue reading Web Application Pentesting: Manual SQL injection