[python]resolve hostnames to ip address using pydns module

I wrote another script to change the desired nameserver. previously i used socket module to do resolution but i did not know how i can change the nameserver so i downloaded pydns. This script can be extended to be used in automation script, most of the time the feeling of a layman user is neglected, … Continue reading [python]resolve hostnames to ip address using pydns module

[python]Resolving a group of fqdns and store the ip addresses

Reference:http://www.pythonforbeginners.com/python/dns-lookup-python Looking at the reference above is much easier than reading the actual socket documentation. My purpose is to find a python way to resolve a group of hostnames and return them as ip addresses. Here's the same code. Here's a test: Enter hostnames with comma: http://www.google.com,www.hotmail.com,pool.ntp.org,cyruslab.net