Hashicorp vault – Enable database secret engine for MariaDB/MySQL

Introduction There is a learning page for turning on database secret engine for postgresql but for my environment it is MariaDB, this post records on how to enable database engine to automatically rotate secrets for MariaDB user. This feature is very similar to CyberArk on password rotation for nix servers and database. For this lab, … Continue reading Hashicorp vault – Enable database secret engine for MariaDB/MySQL


[python] Create database with flask-sqlalchemy

On previous post I have used a pure SQLAlchemy module to just create the database, this time I am using Flask_SQLAlchemy to do it, which makes the creation simpler. I will need to put in two configuration parameters: SQLALCHEMY_DATABASE_URI SQLALCHEMY_TRACK_MODIFICATIONS For the configuration I have put them in a config.py file. As usual you need … Continue reading [python] Create database with flask-sqlalchemy

[python]Create database with SQLAlchemy

The objective of learning SQLAlchemy is to use its Object Relational Mapper (ORM), this allows programmer who does not do SQL syntax to also do CRUD on supported database, the ORM does the "translation or mapping" for us in the background, in our code we only need to do CRUD with python syntax. The SQLAlchemy … Continue reading [python]Create database with SQLAlchemy