[python]Create VPC part 2

Background This post is an improvement to this. The goal is to: Create VPC. Create internet gateway. Attach internet gateway to vpc. Name the internet gateway and vpc. About parameters in create_tags This method accepts Resources of type list or tuple. Tags of type dictionary. The code works but is ugly and cannot scale, for … Continue reading [python]Create VPC part 2

[python]Create AWS VPC with boto3

Background This is a follow up on this post https://cyruslab.net/2018/10/19/pythontrying-out-aws-sdk/ back then I was only trying out... However I am beginning to take this seriously... as a hobby... Pre-requisites Setup awscli. The awscli is used to setup a default connection, by putting your access key id and secret key id, your preferred region and your … Continue reading [python]Create AWS VPC with boto3