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Wireless: Controller configuration using CLI

Configuring WLC using web interface is really easy, however there may be times you are forced to use CLI to get the job done, times like you have an outdated version of Java and you are in an environment that … Continue reading

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Wireless: Setting up H-REAP APs

About H-REAP Hybrid Remote Edge Access Point is designed for APs deploying in small branch offices, the APs in the branch offices have LWAPP path back to the central controller in central office via WAN link. Supposed there’s a WAN … Continue reading

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Wireless: High availability and understanding roaming

This afternoon in office my friend told me that he was successful in doing AP to AP failover… I thought, “Wow….that’s great, we could not do controller to controller failover at least we can do AP to AP failover, it’s … Continue reading

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Cisco wireless

Equipments used: 1. WS-2950-24T Catalyst switch 2. 2x AP1242-AG (LAP) 3. Cisco linksys router (as stratum 2 NTP server) 4. Cisco 1841 router 5. Cisco 2125 wireless lan controller You should know these before you begin: Interface refers to logical … Continue reading

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Wireless: WPA2 configurations

Click on WLAN, you will see a list which you created, for this test I have created one WLAN. Click on the WLAN ID: This page will appear, you can set the general setting for your WLAN via this web … Continue reading

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