Wireless: Controller configuration using CLI

Configuring WLC using web interface is really easy, however there may be times you are forced to use CLI to get the job done, times like you have an outdated version of Java and you are in an environment that has no public network access, times like your IE simply cannot open and you do … Continue reading Wireless: Controller configuration using CLI


Wireless: Setting up H-REAP APs

About H-REAP Hybrid Remote Edge Access Point is designed for APs deploying in small branch offices, the APs in the branch offices have LWAPP path back to the central controller in central office via WAN link. Supposed there's a WAN outage, H-REAP AP will be in standalone mode providing authentication service as well as local … Continue reading Wireless: Setting up H-REAP APs

Wireless: High availability and understanding roaming

This afternoon in office my friend told me that he was successful in doing AP to AP failover... I thought, "Wow....that's great, we could not do controller to controller failover at least we can do AP to AP failover, it's still high availability and we could propose an alternative to customer." As I studied Cisco … Continue reading Wireless: High availability and understanding roaming