[python]Configuring cisco asa

Introduction I am testing some functions for sending configuration over to cisco asa with netmiko. Netmiko support sending commands and sending commands as a set. In order to deliver the command as a set Jinja2 template engine is used to fill up the variables of the template. The purpose of this post is to record … Continue reading [python]Configuring cisco asa

[cisco]Public key authentication on Cisco ASA

I am using Cisco ASAv asa992-smp-k8.bin Generate RSA from Centos ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 I rename this asymmetric keys as cisco_id_rsa. Then I get the contents of cisco_id_rsa.pub. Exclude the ssh-rsa and the username@hostname, only get the key and copy and paste to the cisco asa. See the screenshot on the highlighted portion. On … Continue reading [cisco]Public key authentication on Cisco ASA

[python]Detect changes in configuration of ASA

Three python scripts were written for doing specific tasks. conn_asa.py - this script is responsible for generating two outputs hostname and md_now (md is short for message digest) statechange.py - this script writes the hash generated from conn_asa.py into database. compare_change.py - this script compares the hash stored in db with the current hash generated … Continue reading [python]Detect changes in configuration of ASA

[python]Automating OSPF configuration of two routers

Network diagram There are two vIOS which are R1 and R2, they have their gi0/2 and gi0/3 connected to the R5 switch, the configuration is pushed from the cloud through their gi0/2 and gi0/3 to configure their gi0/0 to become OSPF neighbours. Objective To configure the two routers to become ospf neighbors, the OSPF configuration … Continue reading [python]Automating OSPF configuration of two routers

[python]Convert show ip int brief into structured json data

Cisco IOS commands output is unstructured in the perception of scripting, the output format made sense only to engineers, however if you need to program such output is difficult if the output is not processed. One of the better way to structure the unstructured cisco output is to check each row of the output, then … Continue reading [python]Convert show ip int brief into structured json data

Extending the python script to configure OSPF with ncclient

Previously I have successfully download the configuration from the netconf enabled router, now i have extended support to configure ospf. This is a simple lab to further extend and get myself familiarize and comfortable with netconf. During the lab I was careless, I inadvertently left a space on my netconf snippet that breaks my script … Continue reading Extending the python script to configure OSPF with ncclient

Testing menu and netmiko in python

Background This is a testing code to try out on a simple interactive text menu with two options, download cisco config and quit. I want to extend this config to have an interactive menu and prompt to configure cisco routers. Here's the code: The output Invalid selection ------------------------------ Menu ------------------------------ 1. Download Current Config 2. … Continue reading Testing menu and netmiko in python