[CentOS] Tools not included in CentOS 7 minimal

There are a few things not included in the minimal installation of CentOS 7. So here's a record on the things which I need. I have installed Arch, CentOS and Debian Linux, I need to give appreciation to the teams who have compiled the packages and easily download from the repository, because the complexity of … Continue reading [CentOS] Tools not included in CentOS 7 minimal

[linux]Add normal user to run sudo in centos

So I have installed Centos, I was logged in as a normal user which i created during installation, but my normal user is not added to the sudo, so I need to login as root su -, then I run usermod -aG wheel your_username where your_username has to be replaced with your actual username, there … Continue reading [linux]Add normal user to run sudo in centos

Disable SELinux

There are times when disabling SELinux is required for some webapp to work. You can modify the SELinux from /etc/selinux/config Modifying the config file will make SELinux to be enabled (default), permissive or disabled upon boot up. To temporarily disable SELinux use setenforce 0 command.

CentOS6.2: Static IP and default gateway

I am a debian linux user, the way CentOS configures is slightly different, this post is a reminder for myself. Statically assign ip address to an interface on boot Edit the script file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 Use a text editor to put these ONBOOT if set to yes will activate the interface id specified in DEVICE after … Continue reading CentOS6.2: Static IP and default gateway

GRUB legacy

GRUB legacy is the predecessor of GRUB2, recently I have been doing backups of a HDD and need to transfer the contents into a new HDD. The previous HDD was using CentOS 6.2, CentOS is using grub 0.97 which is grub legacy. http://pkgs.org/centos-6-rhel-6/centos-rhel-i386/grub-0.97-75.el6.i686.rpm.html gives insights on where the files are if the location is at its … Continue reading GRUB legacy