Setting up SQUID proxy on CentOS

I have heard that Squid supports Cisco WCCP version 1 and 2, I need a proxy server / cache engine that can help me do proof of concept with WCCP. I created a VM which runs on CentOS, and install squid: yum install squid -y I modified the configuration on this path /etc/squid/squid.conf By default … Continue reading Setting up SQUID proxy on CentOS


Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP)

Purpose To offset the load of edge router in http request. A http request sent by a host is redirected to local content cache engine (aka content engine), content engine will then send the content back to the requesting host. Operation Other things about WCCP 1. Only works with IPv4. 2. Has two versions. 3. … Continue reading Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP)