[python]Start up script to create VPC to launch EC2

Use case This is an interactive start up script to do from creating VPC to launching EC2. This is a follow up from this post - Functions for aws automation, I have added a few more functions to make it complete. Demonstration This is the interactive script: These are the results in AWS console: VPC … Continue reading [python]Start up script to create VPC to launch EC2


[python]Creating security group and inbound rule

This is the extension of Functions of aws automation.I have added some methods to create security groups and apply rules. In addition to the functions/methods describe here, I have created 4 more methods to accomplish these: Security group creation Inbound rule creation to the security group. Demonstration create_security_group method This method create a security group … Continue reading [python]Creating security group and inbound rule

[python]Finding your internet gateway id in aws

On previous post, I have this function: This function looks for the internet gateway id associated with your vpc id. Json response from describe_internet_gateways The below response is from the describe_internet_gateways method in boto3, here's the code snippet: The below is a dictionary of two main keys - InternetGateways and ResponseMetadata. Now I am only … Continue reading [python]Finding your internet gateway id in aws