Arch Linux: Install yaourt

I wanted to install awesome window manager for Arch, however Arch repo does not include awesome anymore, I need to get from AUR. Installing package is easier with yaourt. I found that makepkg -s cannot resolve dependency if the dependency is not found in Arch mirrorlist. Install package-query package-query is one of the dependency, and … Continue reading Arch Linux: Install yaourt


Arch Linux: With KDE

The size of a fully installed KDE is 2.2G, it is very huge and I need to turn on 3-D acceleration on my vbox so that KDE desktop can show. The KDE4.8 has style while loading the system... but it is very slow comparing to LXDE and Gnome... KDE full installation pacman -S kde Add … Continue reading Arch Linux: With KDE

Arch Linux: Installing packages from AUR (Installing google chrome)

I have the choice of installing packages from Arch Linux User Community Repository. Here is the summary of what I have done: 1. Pick a package from AUR, then download the tar package. 2. The tar contains PKGBUILD, untar it and a build directory is created. 3. Go to the build directory, and run makepkg … Continue reading Arch Linux: Installing packages from AUR (Installing google chrome)

Arch Linux: LXDE installation and start up

Install lxde pacman -S lxde Copy menu.xml, rc.xml and autostart to my home directory Login with my own normal user account: mkdir -p ~/.config/openbox cp /etc/xdg/openbox/{menu.xml,rc.xml,autostart} ~/.config/openbox Install gamin pacman -S gamin Modify .xinitrc to start lxde with startx Use my own personal normal user account, open ~/.xinitrc I created my own .xinitrc script because … Continue reading Arch Linux: LXDE installation and start up

Arch Linux: Desktop environment (Start from X)

I find LXDE installation is the easiest among other desktop environments. LXDE includes openbox as its windows manager. Before I install any desktop environment I installed a few things and did a few works. Avoid upgrade Arch mindlessly unless it was really necessary...ArchLinux is not difficult to install but it is very easy to break, … Continue reading Arch Linux: Desktop environment (Start from X)

Arch Linux: Install OpenBox

Install OpenBox Transfer menu.xml, rc.xml and autostart in ~/.config/openbox Do this with normal user. Use ls -lah ~/.config/openbox to verify: Install pyxdg from the repo: pacman -S pyxdg Install xinit pacman -S xorg-xinit xinit is X.Org initialization program.   Install Xorg server Xorg server is needed to start X, xinit will not work if there … Continue reading Arch Linux: Install OpenBox