Arch Linux: LXDE installation and start up

Install lxde pacman -S lxde Copy menu.xml, rc.xml and autostart to my home directory Login with my own normal user account: mkdir -p ~/.config/openbox cp /etc/xdg/openbox/{menu.xml,rc.xml,autostart} ~/.config/openbox Install gamin pacman -S gamin Modify .xinitrc to start lxde with startx Use my own personal normal user account, open ~/.xinitrc I created my own .xinitrc script because … Continue reading Arch Linux: LXDE installation and start up

Arch Linux: Desktop environment (Start from X)

I find LXDE installation is the easiest among other desktop environments. LXDE includes openbox as its windows manager. Before I install any desktop environment I installed a few things and did a few works. Avoid upgrade Arch mindlessly unless it was really necessary...ArchLinux is not difficult to install but it is very easy to break, … Continue reading Arch Linux: Desktop environment (Start from X)

Arch Linux: Install OpenBox

Install OpenBox Transfer menu.xml, rc.xml and autostart in ~/.config/openbox Do this with normal user. Use ls -lah ~/.config/openbox to verify: Install pyxdg from the repo: pacman -S pyxdg Install xinit pacman -S xorg-xinit xinit is X.Org initialization program.   Install Xorg server Xorg server is needed to start X, xinit will not work if there … Continue reading Arch Linux: Install OpenBox

Arch Linux: Video driver (virtualbox)

I need a video driver in order to install X, and then OpenBox or other desktop manager. 1. Install libdrm-2.4.30-1. pacman -S libdrm 2. Install dkms. pacman -S dkms 3. Install virtualbox-archlinux-additions. pacman -S virtualbox-archlinux-additions 4. Manually load the drivers: modprobe -a vboxguest vboxsf vboxvideo Do a lsmod to confirm: 5. Include the three drivers … Continue reading Arch Linux: Video driver (virtualbox)