Wireshark (/usr/bin/dumpcap permission denied)

The error "/usr/bin/dumpcap permission denied" appeared when executing wireshark as a normal user. Using package manager to install wireshark may encounter this problem. This is solved by adding normal user into group wireshark: gpasswd -a cyrus wireshark Check to see if you are in the group wireshark: cat /etc/group |grep wireshark Once ensure your username … Continue reading Wireshark (/usr/bin/dumpcap permission denied)


Arch Linux: Install yaourt

I wanted to install awesome window manager for Arch, however Arch repo does not include awesome anymore, I need to get from AUR. Installing package is easier with yaourt. I found that makepkg -s cannot resolve dependency if the dependency is not found in Arch mirrorlist. Install package-query package-query is one of the dependency, and … Continue reading Arch Linux: Install yaourt

Arch Linux: Installing packages from AUR (Installing google chrome)

I have the choice of installing packages from Arch Linux User Community Repository. Here is the summary of what I have done: 1. Pick a package from AUR, then download the tar package. 2. The tar contains PKGBUILD, untar it and a build directory is created. 3. Go to the build directory, and run makepkg … Continue reading Arch Linux: Installing packages from AUR (Installing google chrome)

Arch Linux: LXDE installation and start up

Install lxde pacman -S lxde Copy menu.xml, rc.xml and autostart to my home directory Login with my own normal user account: mkdir -p ~/.config/openbox cp /etc/xdg/openbox/{menu.xml,rc.xml,autostart} ~/.config/openbox Install gamin pacman -S gamin Modify .xinitrc to start lxde with startx Use my own personal normal user account, open ~/.xinitrc I created my own .xinitrc script because … Continue reading Arch Linux: LXDE installation and start up

Arch Linux: Desktop environment (Start from X)

I find LXDE installation is the easiest among other desktop environments. LXDE includes openbox as its windows manager. Before I install any desktop environment I installed a few things and did a few works. Avoid upgrade Arch mindlessly unless it was really necessary...ArchLinux is not difficult to install but it is very easy to break, … Continue reading Arch Linux: Desktop environment (Start from X)