Stack master election criteria The criteria is in order, if the first criteria does not meet the second criteria will be the tie breaker. 1. The switch that is configured with the highest stack priority. 2. The switch that is not using the default configuration. 3. The switch that is using a higher priority IOS, … Continue reading Stackwise


Stackwise:Stack cabling

One stack cable connecting two switches. SW-1#sh switch stack-ring speed Stack Ring Speed        : 16G Stack Ring Configuration: Half Stack Ring Protocol     : StackWise Two stack cables connecting two switches SW-1#sh switch stack-ring speed Stack Ring Speed        : 32G Stack Ring Configuration: Full Stack Ring Protocol     : StackWise Each 3750 switch's back has two stack … Continue reading Stackwise:Stack cabling


Switch#sh switch stack-ports Switch #    Port 1       Port 2 --------    ------       ------ 1           Ok          Down 2           Ok          Down To show stack ports status, currently only stack 1 is connected to each other. There are Stack 1 and Stack 2 for one WS-3750G-24TS Switch#sh switch Switch/Stack Mac Address : 0817.358d.ea00 H/W   Current Switch#  Role   Mac Address     … Continue reading Stackwise

Switch: StackWise introduction

Understanding Stackwise technology 1.       For access Layer 3 switch only Catalyst 3750 has the ability to stack. 2.       Mixed stacking is possible between two different models, such as 3750-X and 3750-E can stack with each other. 3.       Homogenous stack is possible between two same models, such as 3750-X and 3750-X can stack with each other. … Continue reading Switch: StackWise introduction