[python]How to capture results with nornir

Introduction Nornir is a framework for network automation, it gels popular automation tools such as napalm, netmiko, paramiko and Ansible. However I could not find good examples on how to parse the result if I use show access-list with netmiko_send_command during task.run. There is a built in print_result() function which shows the status and output … Continue reading [python]How to capture results with nornir

[python]Improve on ACL template.

Introduction On previous few posts, the ACL was push to the cisco asa with Nornir, but there was limitation that is only one source ip, one destination ip and one service are allowed, if there is more than one in any of these then only one rule is pushed. But there will be a number … Continue reading [python]Improve on ACL template.

[python]Filter inventory – Nornir

Introduction Nornir is a framework for network automation, it gels netmiko, paramiko, ansible, yaml, ansible, napalm, netconf together, this is a must have package for doing network automation and it is not too difficult to learn. There will be time when specific configuration is for specific device in the inventory, in order to push to … Continue reading [python]Filter inventory – Nornir

[cisco]Public key authentication on Cisco ASA

I am using Cisco ASAv asa992-smp-k8.bin Generate RSA from Centos ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 I rename this asymmetric keys as cisco_id_rsa. Then I get the contents of cisco_id_rsa.pub. Exclude the ssh-rsa and the username@hostname, only get the key and copy and paste to the cisco asa. See the screenshot on the highlighted portion. On … Continue reading [cisco]Public key authentication on Cisco ASA