CSM: Integrating CSM with ACS version 4.2

Summarized Steps On ACS: 1. Create an ACS server administrator account with full ACS privileges. This admin credential is required for CSM AAA Mode Setup. 2. Enable Network Device Group. 3. Rename User groups. 4. Create users and associate the users to appropriate groups. 5. Create system identity user and group this user. This same … Continue reading CSM: Integrating CSM with ACS version 4.2

CSM: Authentication by TACACS+ and Authorization by CSM

When you want CSM users to be authenticated by Cisco ACS but want the authorization by CSM. Since CSM version 4.3, it has a feature of role management setup, this setup controls user rights. Login to the web portal Select Server Administration CSM home screen The default authentication mode is CiscoWorks Local. CSM supports several … Continue reading CSM: Authentication by TACACS+ and Authorization by CSM

CSM (disable ticket): Configuring logging to new device

Ticket management By default Cisco Security Manager enables ticket, however I have disabled the ticket management. The purpose of ticket is before any changes is made with CSM you need to create a ticket, then proceed to do the changes, after changes is made and saved, you need to submit the ticket. If workflow is … Continue reading CSM (disable ticket): Configuring logging to new device

Security: Cisco ASA Cut-through proxy

Introduction Cisco ASA will authenticate the user attempting to access the asset that is protected by Cisco ASA, after user authenticated Cisco ASA will pass the credential to TACACS+ or RADIUS. The Cisco ASA is the authenticator and the user is supplicant, this is known as cut-through proxy. Application An example scenario that user can … Continue reading Security: Cisco ASA Cut-through proxy

Cisco Systems: TACACS+ authentication

TACACS+ brief introduction 1. Utilizes TCP 49. 2. Encrypts the entire packet. 3. Separates authentication, authorization and accounting. Setting up Cisco ACS The task here is to create a user group, user account and setup the network configuration to get it started. Click on Network Configuration, under AAA Clients click Add Entry The AAA Client … Continue reading Cisco Systems: TACACS+ authentication

ASA5505: Basic IPS support

Ths software IPS support in ASA5505 without the AIP-SSC is very minimal, the signature categories are ATTACK and INFO. For more information regarding the ATTACK and INFO signatures you can read the book written by Richard Deal - Cisco ASA Configuration - Chapter 24: Network Attack Preventions, page 587. Create IP audit name There are … Continue reading ASA5505: Basic IPS support

ASA5505: SNMP inspection

Requirement Your customer requested that only SNMPv3 is allowed for network monitoring. Note:ASA version 8.4 supports SNMPv3, version 8.0 may not support SNMPv3. Default snmp-server command The above is the default snmp command, to configure snmpv3 more commands have to be configured. SNMPv3 configuration: Create SNMPv3 group SNMPv3 has three modes: auth, noauth and authpriv. … Continue reading ASA5505: SNMP inspection